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Figure 1 - Medical Images

Sviluppatore Figure 1 Inc.

More than 1 million healthcare professionals use Figure 1 to:◦ Recognize rare conditions in their patients◦ Sharpen their medical knowledge on the go◦ Share de-identified teaching cases with a global community◦ Communicate with one another from remote or isolated locations◦ Send HIPAA-compliant direct messages to their colleaguesFigure 1 helps you:◦ View thousands of real-world teaching cases from physicians and nurses in hundreds of specialties◦ Page healthcare professionals around the world for instant feedback◦ Communicate with your colleagues using HIPAA-compliant direct messagingThe best way to connect with:◦ Physicians at world-renowned hospitals in more than 190 countries◦ Healthcare professionals practicing in extreme trauma units, refugee camps, and remote areas of the world◦ Institutions like Doctors Without Borders, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, and Massachusetts General Hospital